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Welcome and Happy New Year

from Holistics by Kay!

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Holistics By Kay - New Year Blog 2022

Hello and welcome to the new website, a fresh start to 2022. I hope that this reaches you happy and well after the festive break. Hope you've had a chance to recharge and rest.

One of the new features I love about this website is that I'm able to do this - blog. It wasn't a feature on my old site. I intend to share updates, related articles on women's health and wellbeing, Reflexology, Indian head massage, general life style tips and any local events. It's all about taking a holistic approach to improving our wellbeing so that we are able to improve our emotional and physical health so can we get the best out of life.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or anything which could improve the website overall.

What a turbulent year, it's been for most of us in 2021 from a personal and working perspective. In terms of business here, when doing my accounts for the year, I realised just how much business was affected by Covid. Around 6 months of not being able to open at all and then once open the stopping and starting. It was the same for many people not being able to go to work. Here's hoping that things will be settling down in 2022 with less disruption and being able to get out and about more.

I want to say a huge thank you to my regular clients who came when I was able to open and also to the new clients that came last year. Thank you also to my clients who referred and recommended me to their friends and family. This all means so much to me and a small business like mine.

If you have just come across this website. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. A little introduction. I'm Kay! I'm passionate about supporting women's health and wellbeing through reflexology. I am also specialised in pregnancy and fertility support.

I offer Indian head massage - a seated massage working on the areas of the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp. It's a great massage for anyone that has tension in these areas and / or anyone who use a PC / laptop most of the day. Especially with working from home we are not walking around (commuting) as much as before and also may not have set up own home working desk as well as we could.

I've been qualified for 15 years and have supported many clients through HBK in the last 9 years. I'm based near Chorlton, Manchester. I have loved hearing feedback from clients and how holistic therapies have helped their wellbeing.

Find out more about reflexology here and more about indian head massage here.

I'll be taking bookings from the week of 4 January 2022 (mainly evening sessions - these are usually around 6.15pm, 7.30pm, 8.45pm) and then from February back to offering a mix of day and evening appointments. But, please just get in touch to see if I can fit in with your time / day requirements.

Wishing you a happy and fulfilling 2022!



Holistics by Kay - supporting Women's Health and Wellbeing through

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Manchester.

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