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End of Summer and World Reflexology Week

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

How are you doing? As I’m writing this summer is started to come to a close. I’m missing the long evenings but haven’t we had an amazing summer in the UK for good weather. Dare I say it too hot at times!

How did you spend your summer? I feel like I’ve had an amazing summer of seeing lots of family at home and abroad. Travelling abroad for the first time since covid felt like old times and luckily it is was straightforward and hassle free. I enjoyed plenty of time in the pool, at the beach and lots of lovely food. So I’m feeling definitely re-energised for the autumn and winter months ahead.

HBK news - booking system

I have been working on a new booking system the last couple of weeks. Currently, clients mainly book in by messaging me to arrange an appointment and to check availability. This will still be an option, but now on the website there is an option to request an appointment.

You will be able to pick which therapy you would like and to check available appointment times up to 31 days in advance. Simply request a date and time and I will confirm availability. This will hopefully cut down on emails back and forth.

If the availability isn’t there or you want to book further ahead or last minute then feel free to just message in the usual way and I will check this manually and get back to you. Let me know how it works or if there are any problems.

World Reflexology Week and discount offer

World Reflexology Week takes place from 19-25 September 2022 and if you haven’t tried reflexology before what better time than this week.

Holistics by Kay World Reflexology Week 22 Discount offer
World Reflexology Week 2022

If you are a new client you will be able to receive £5 off reflexology sessions during this week.

Reflexology is a gentle and non intrusive complementary therapy which is carried out on the feet. It is great for relieving stress and tension in the body with the aim to bring the body back to balance and promote self healing. It works on the principle that by working the reflexes in the feet this will promote a change in the body and improve your general sense of health and wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of reflexology are:

  • relief from stress, anxiety and tension

  • feelings of deep relaxation

  • improved mood

  • improved sleep

Aswell as general wellbeing reflexology, Holistics by Kay also specialises in fertility reflexology, pregnancy reflexology and women’s health.

Some testimonials:

“Kay is kind and professional as well as interested in achieve your goals! The reflexology is so relaxing and has been of benefit for me with the initial concerns I went with. I would 100% recommend for anyone who is considering reflexology!” Bethany

“Kay tailored the sessions for my plantar fasciitis. The sessions have been relaxing and a calming atmosphere. And I’ve had improvement with the pain my foot after each session”. Nicola

  • To see more testimonials, have a look at the website, facebook page or google reviews.

  • For more information and the full benefits of reflexology check out the main pages of the website here.

Well that's all the updates for this blog, till the next one! Kay


Holistics by Kay specialising in reflexology for women’s health and wellbeing based near Chorlton offering reflexology and indian head massage in Manchester.

The information contained in this blog is strictly for informational and educational purposes. Therefore if you wish to apply any ideas contained within, you do so at your own risk, please do your own research and consult with your GP. This blog is not intended as a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. Terms of Use

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