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Reflexology for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Reflexology which is also called Maternity Reflexology is  a branch of reflexology aimed at conditions experienced during  pregnancy and post-natally.

What are the benefits of pregnancy reflexology?

As well as the other potential benefits mentioned on the general reflexology page, maternity reflexology may have the following benefits during pregnancy:

  • Stress relief *(6) / Deep relaxation

  • Aids digestion *(2)

  • Relief tired aching feet

  • Fluid retention in feet

  • Preparation for labour

  • Shorter labour *(4) (5)/ less pain relief*(7)

  • improve quality of sleep - source *(1)


(*For more info on reflexology research studies/articles

How often should I have pregnancy reflexology?

"When should I start reflexology in pregnancy" and "how often should I come?" is a common question I get asked.


Throughout pregnancy

As reflexology is cumulative ideally, coming once a monthly from the 2nd trimester is  a great way to take time out for self care. If you have a particular condition you would like support with, then you may chose to come more regularly.  Once you are around 37 weeks you may choose to attend weekly in order to support and prepare for labour. Having regular reflexology may help to reduce labour time as noted above. 

Reflexology for Preparation for Labour

Some clients just come towards the end of pregnancy as noted earlier above to maximise  benefits for  preparation for labour it is useful to have treatments during your pregnancy and not just at the very end.

However, many of my clients have found it beneficial to come for treatments when they are overdue or approaching 40 weeks.  

Postnatal Reflexology

Don't forgot that reflexology can also be used in those first few weeks after birth. It may  help to boost breast feeding milk production *(8), balance hormones and your immune system. It is also a welcome break in the busyiness of those few weeks to allow yourself some me time and relaxation.

It is a good idea to book this session before the birth so that it is one less thing to think about after the baby is born.


£40.00 - 1 hour session  (50 mins reflexology)

£32.00 - 45 minute session (30 mins reflexology)

Gift vouchers available for reflexology - by post (extra £2) or by email.

Treat someone to the gift of relaxation and self care.

Please see cancellation and payment policy here.

Please note therapists do not claim to cure, prescribe or diagnose and should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice if you have a particular health concern.

pregnancy reflexology manchester holistics by kay

Pregnancy reflexology is a gentle, natural pre-natal treatment to support mums-to-be during what at times can be a tense time physically and emotionally as your body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Reflexology may help to ease some common pregnancy symptoms aswell as support your body to prepare for the birth and labour.

Who can have Pregnancy Reflexology?

Please have a look at the Reflexology Wellbeing page for general information about what  reflexology is, reflexology benefits and contra-indications. As noted on the Reflexology Wellbeing page, a consultation will be carried out prior to any treatment to assess whether you are suitable for reflexology.


However, there are certain conditions which would prevent treatment such as:


  • deep vein thrombosis

  •  placenta previa

  •  hydroamniosis

  •  pre-eclampsia

  •  vaginal bleeding.


If you have any queries, please contact me as I would be happy to discuss these with you.


Please note that I do not carry out reflexology treatments during the 1st trimester. Once you have had your first scan usually around 12 -14 weeks and the pregnancy is confirmed -you can then book in.


As with any new treatment, please discuss with your midwife or doctor that you would like to have reflexology before booking in for an appointment and they are happy for you to have reflexology/ massage.


Pregnancy ReflexologyChorlton Manchester
Pregnancy Relaxation Manchester Chorlton Holistics By Kay

"Very relaxing and informative reflexology session with Kay. I was 8 days overdue and booked an appointment to try to speed labour and avoid induction. I had my session at 6.15pm and baby boy was born at 1.53am. Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend."


Pregnancy Reflexology Manchester Chorlton Didsbury

Massive THANK YOU to Kay for my pregnancy reflexology today was AMAZING !! Feeling super relaxed. Highly recommend xXx.”


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