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Reflexology to support women's health is of keen interest to me. I received reflexology during pregnancy and I felt that it helped me greatly to relax, helped me to sleep more deeply and also helped to relieve tired aching feet towards the end of the pregnancy. As I felt I had benefited from reflexology, I took further specific training in this area which covered pre-conception and fertility, pregnancy and also post natal treatments. I hope that mums to be and new mums will experience the benefits of reflexology as I feel I did. 

I am also already used to working with pregnant and new mums in the community as I have trained as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteer helping with any feeding queries (both for bottle and breastfeeding). I find this greatly rewarding.

So please read on for more information on maternity reflexology and if you have any specific queries please get in touch.


What is Maternity/ Pregnancy Reflexology?

This is a branch of reflexology aimed at conditions experienced during  pregnancy and post-natally.  Reflexology can be used through these stages - antenatally and post-natally (eg may help relief of mastitis).

Who can have Maternity Reflexology?

As noted on the general reflexology page, a consultation will be carried out prior to any treatment to assess whether you are suitable for reflexology. However, there are certain conditions which would prevent treatment such as deep vein thrombosis, placenta previa, hydroamniosis, pre-eclampsia, vaginal bleeding. If you have any queries, please contact me as I would be happy to discuss these with you. Please note that I do not carry out reflexology treatments during the 1st trimester.

As with any new treatment, please discuss with your midwife or doctor that you would like to have reflexology before booking in for an appointment.

Will Reflexology help me?

As well as the other potential benefits mentioned on the general reflexology page, maternity reflexology may have the following benefits during pregnancy:

  • Stress relief / Deep relaxation
  • Aids digestion
  • Relieves tired aching feet
  • Preparation for labour
  • Shorter labour / less pain relief
  • Removal of toxins

To maximise  benefits for  preparation for labour it is useful to have treatments during your pregnancy and not just at the very end but many of my clients have found it beneficial to come for treatments when they are overdue or approaching 40 weeks. Have a look at the facebook page for more testimonials. 


I also support ladies who suffer from irregular periods, painful periods and / or who are trying to conceive. Many ladies may suffer from anxiety and stress at this time which may affect hormone levels and / or make it more difficult to conceive.

Fertility reflexology is great for stress relief and aims to bring the body back into balance and so may be useful at this time. Reflexology can also be beneficial prior and during the IVF process to help relieve the associated stress and anxiety.

Have a look at the video page for more information of the benefits of maternity and fertility reflexology.



Reflexology £40.00 per 1 hour session.  (50 min reflex)                  

Reflexology £32.00 per 40 min session  (30 min reflex) 

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